Belinda Albracht, a horse enthusiast and amateur maker of soups, has written four screenplays, two novels and a play, which was produced at the Art Share Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Her work has been published in Glue Magazine and Total Movie and Entertainment.  She teaches writing workshops for underprivileged kids and works as a freelance editor for aspiring novelists.  In her free time she can be found galloping through the Angeles National Forest on horseback.



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2 responses to “BIO

  1. Laurie Thoms

    Hay, Belinda! Well, well… who knew? Amazingly, I have a novel/screenplay in mind, and have had trouble getting started (surprise!), so this couldn’t come at a better time! I’d love to take your class. Could you tell me when during the week it will be, what time, how long, and the cost? Thanx for getting back to me! Your fellow Arablover… Dandy’s Mom.

  2. Paula Norman

    Interested in a class, very novice writer, just want to do it for myself. do you you have a class during the day? Paula

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