“Belinda is a triple threat: she can write, she can teach and she gives the best, most helpful criticism you’ll ever get on your work, hands down.”

–David K. Isreal, author, Behind Everyman


“Belinda has a way of taking the mystery out of writing and distilling it down to its essence.  She simplifies the process to the point where it actually feels—and IS—doable, even for a novice.  She once told me to think of every word as a brick, and of writing itself as the process of plunking down those bricks one at a time.  If the foundation isn’t strong enough, you get more bricks and rearrange them.  Then you think about making space for a window, and so on.  YOU are not the bricks; you are the carpenter learning to lay them down so your ultimate structure is strong and beautiful.

Who knew?  Simple, easy, accessible instructions for writing, delivered with humor, compassion and wisdom.  Take Belinda’s class—she’ll help you bust through your fear and resistance so you can finally do what you’ve always wanted to do…write.”

–Dana Childers



“Albracht is clearly a talent to watch.”

–Wayne Wilderson, Actor



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