Beginning Novel Writing Boot Camp


This class is designed for the writer whose been wanting to write a book, but has perhaps been terrified of the long form.  For writers who aren’t yet ready to call themselves writers, but who return to the idea over and over again.  For emerging writers who have too often found themselves sitting in front of a blank computer screen and a mile high stack of plain paper, only to decide their time is better spent on laundry.

Writing a novel isn’t a magical process, nor does a novel pour out of a writer like so many tears at a funeral.  It’s mostly math, only instead of numbers, we use words.  Creativity is problem solving, and it is the job of the artist to locate and sort out the most compelling problem.  And I highly recommend committing yourself to every deadline you make, reading every book on writing you can get your hands on, and trusting that the only way to fail is to quit. That is what separates the books on the shelves from the stacks of scribbles and half-starts in our least organized desk drawer.  Amateurs wait for inspiration; the rest of us just show up and do the work.

In this eight-week course, I will help pick apart and demystify the writing process, share with you the many roads that will lead you to the story you want to tell, and give you techniques to help you tell that story in the most dramatic and satisfying way.

The best part is that you will start writing your novel before the class starts, and work away at your book, turning in pages every week so that by the end of the eight weeks, you will have multiple chapters and the tools and skill to continue to the end. There is no time like the present!  No more writing exercises or dream analysis.  Novel writing.  Every day.  Just like writers do.

We will be reading and editing each other’s work while we write our own novels with the intention of publishing.  We’ll engage in frank discussions about what works and why.

And sometimes there will be snacks.


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